Annual Competition


  • Separate print and projected image competitions are held in November, each judged by an external judge.
  • All entries will be divided into two categories: Applied (A) and General (G). The Applied Category covers Record and Natural History subjects. All other subjects come under the General umbrella. It is the entrant’s responsibility to decide in borderline cases.
  • Images which clearly don’t fit the definition of Applied, as specified above, may receive no score or a minimal score at the discretion of the judge.


  • There is a maximum entry of four prints and four projected images.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to mark every entry with the appropriate category identification letter (A for applied or G for general). The entry will be judged in that category, regardless of whether the judge agrees with the classification.
  • Neither prints nor projected images to have been entered in previous annual competitions. Previous entries from bi-monthly or other club competitions are acceptable.
  • You may not enter the same image into both the print and projected competitions.


  • The judge will mark each entry to a maximum of twenty marks.
  • For each of the categories: Applied and General, the judge will be asked to make the award of First, Second and Third. Highly Commended and Commended awards are at the judge’s discretion. In addition the judge will be asked to announce the best Natural History entry from the Applied images.
  • In each competition, the judge will be asked to make the overall award of ‘Best in Competition in Prints’ or ‘Best in Competition in Projected Images’.
  • The best 8 marks awarded for both prints and images combined will count towards the “Photographer of the Year” award.