Annual Competition


  • Separate print and projected digital image (PDI) competitions are held in November, each judged by an external judge.
  • All entries will be divided into three categories in each competition
  • Images which clearly don’t fit the definition of the category as specified above, may receive no score or a minimal score at the discretion of the judge. You can read the category definitions here.
  • The Open Colour and Open Mono categories are permanent fixtures of the competition but will alternate between Print and PDI. Yhe other two categories will change each year on a (currently planned) 4 year cycle. With the exception of “Local” which replaces “Mobile” we are following the YPU categories.+

2021 Prints:    Open Colour,    Scapes,      Architecture & Record

2021 PDIs:      Open Mono,     Creative,    Sport & Action    

2022 Prints:    Open Mono,     Nature,       Local  

2022 PDIs:      Open Colour,    Scapes,      Architecture & Record

2023 Prints:    Open Colour,    Travel,      People & Portrait

2023 PDIs:      Open Mono,      Nature,     Local

2024 Prints:     Open Mono,     Creative,    Sport & Action

2024 PDIs:       Open Colour,     Travel,       People & Portrait


  • There is a maximum entry of four prints and four projected images.
  • You may enter a maximum of two images into each category.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to mark every entry with the appropriate category. The entry will be judged in that category, regardless of whether the judge agrees with the classification.
  • Neither prints nor projected images to have been entered in previous annual competitions. Previous entries from bi-monthly or other club competitions are acceptable.
  • You may not enter the same image into both the print and projected competitions.


  • The judge will mark each entry to a maximum of twenty marks.
  • For each of the categories the judge will be asked to make the award of First, Second and Third. Highly Commended and Commended awards are at the judge’s discretion.
  • The best 8 marks awarded for both prints and projected images combined will count towards the “Photographer of the Year” award.