Annual Competition 2021

Judge: Les Loosemore

Open Mono PDI

Creative PDI

Sport / Action PDI

Round 5, 2021

Judge: Ian Curley

Colour PDI

Mono PDI

Round 4, 2021

Judge: Caroline Preece

Colour PDI


Mono PDI

as awarded 28th July 2021

Round 2, 2021

Judge: Hayden Bartlett

Colour PDI

Mono PDI

Annual Competition 2020

Judge: Graham Currey

PDI only in 4 categories:

Open Colour

  • 1st Hail Suilven by Michael Houghton
  • 2nd Autumn Splendour by Lorna Tennent
  • 3rd Jetski Stunt Rider by Alan Wade

Open Monochrome

  • 1st Benijo Beach by Max Malisan
  • 2nd Seaham Harbour at Dawn by Bill Pilkington
  • 3rd By The Seaside by Bill Pilkington


  • 1st Ann, Sheep Farmer by Nigel Plant
  • 2nd Happy Bunny by Nigel Plant
  • 3rd Harry Still Biking at 92 by Bill Pilkington


  • 1st A Small Congregation by Michael Houghton
  • 2nd Talacre Lighthouse From The Dunes by Barbara Lansdell

Round 5, 2020

Judge: Rory Prior