Round 1, 2019

Round 1 Prints

Judge:  Simon Garvey


Round 1 PDI

Judge: Judith Baron

Annual Competition 2018

Prints judged by Allan Ogilvie

Prints – Open

Prints – Portrait

Prints – Nature


Projected images judged by Christine Hodgson

projected – Open

projected – Architecture

projected – Nature

Round 5, 2018

Round 5   Prints

Judge:   Richard Gascoigne

Round 5   PDI

Judge:   Nigel Plant

Round 4, 2018

Round 4   Prints

Judge:     Simon Garvey

 – – – –

Round 4   PDI

Judge:     Max Malisan

Round 3, 2018


Round 3   Prints

Judge:   Rory Prior


Round 3   PDI

Judge:   Chris Johnson-Standley



Round 2 2018

Round 2    Prints

Judge:  Nic l’Anson

Round 2    Projected

Judge:  Ian Parker



AV Competition 2018


1st place: “Leaving a Mark” by Rory Prior with 96 points
2nd place: “Potteries” by Nigel Plant with 93 points
3rd place: “One Night in Bangkok” by Mike Turner with 88 points

AVs are scored by all members who give marks from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) for each work. These marks are then totalled to give each entry its overall score.

Annual Competition 2017

Prints judged by Phil Hodson DPAGB EFIAP

Prints:    Open Category



Prints:    Travel Category


Prints:    Nature Category


Projected images judged by George Steele LRPS CPAGB BPE1*

Projected:    Open Category

Projected:    ‘Scapes Category

Projected:    Nature Category