Hebden Bridge Camera Club 2017 Exhibition

Our annual exhibition will run from the 26th of August to the 3rd of September in the Hebden Bridge Town Hall. This is a great chance to see our work and meet some of our members. Entry is free and the exhibition will be open daily from 10am to 4pm.

Each year we run a competition where we ask the public to vote on their favourite images, if you’d like to see the results of last years voting click here.

Hebden Royd mayor Tony Hodgins opens the exhibition with club president Judith Baron.

Hebden Royd mayor Tony Hodgins opens the exhibition with club president Judith Baron in 2016.

Round 2 2017

Projected Images


1st Sleep Supervisor  by Simon Garvey
2nd Off the beaten track by Mike Turner
3rd Happy Headhunter by Simon Garvey
HC The Bargee by Nigel Plant
HC Victoria Centre, Sydney by Jim Strom
C Fly Agaric by Ian Parker
C Footpath from Eaves Wood by Ian Parker

HC = Highly Commended, C = Commended

AV Competition 2017


1st place: “Queen Street Mill” by Rory Prior with 131 points
2nd place: “Tears” by Chris Standley with 113 points
2nd place: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” by Ian Parker with 113 points
3rd place: “A Road Trip Round Iceland” by Nigel Plant with 112 points

AVs are scored by all members who give marks from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) for each work. These marks are then totalled to give each entry its overall score.

Round 1 2017

Projected Images


1st Through The Trees by Chris Scarborough
2nd Colours Reflected by Judith Baron
3rd Cromer Pier by Nigel Plant
HC Slater Bank in Early Morning Mist by David Dempsey
C Blackpool at Dusk by Mike Turner
C Nutclough Wood by Nigel Plant

HC = Highly Commended, C = Commended

New Members Evening a Success

Wednesday the 21st of September was our New Members Evening. We gave an overview of the club’s upcoming programme, explained how our competitions work and went over the various local and city photowalks we do over the summer months. Chris gave a humorous mini-lecture on the basics of photography and we watched Jim Strom’s excellent AV slideshow “The Changing Face of Hebden Bridge” which you can see below:

Don’t worry if you missed the meeting and are still interested in joining, new members are welcome to come along to any of our meetings to see if they like the look of the club. We have members of all abilities, young and old, we have people shooting everything from smartphones to professional DSLRs and everything in-between. We’re a friendly lot with a shared passion for photography, why not give us a go?


Helka Czuhra’s Gallery

2016 Exhibition

Hebden Royd mayor Tony Hodgins opens the exhibition with club president Judith Baron.

Hebden Royd mayor Tony Hodgins opens the exhibition with club president Judith Baron.

We’d like to thank all the members of the public who helped make our 2016 exhibition a great success this summer. Our informal tallies show a record number of visitors came to view the exhibition, totalling nearly 1,600 people. Over 1,140 people also cast their votes for their top three images, the results of which are as follows:

1st place: Fusion of Colour by Helka Czuhra
Scored 319 points (53 1st choices, 49 2nd choices and 62 3rd choices)


2nd place: Nuthatch by Jim Strom
Scored 309 points (62 1st choices,  44 2nd choices, 35 3rd choices)


3rd place: Scout Rock Ice Falls by Steph Penny
Scored 296 points (54 1st choices, 47 2nd choices, 40 3rd choices)


We weight a 1st choice as being worth 3 points, a 2nd choice 2 points and a 3rd choice 1 point.