Annual Competition 2021

Judge: Les Loosemore

Open Mono PDI

Creative PDI

Sport / Action PDI

Annual Competition 2020

Judge: Graham Currey

PDI only in 4 categories:

Open Colour

  • 1st Hail Suilven by Michael Houghton
  • 2nd Autumn Splendour by Lorna Tennent
  • 3rd Jetski Stunt Rider by Alan Wade

Open Monochrome

  • 1st Benijo Beach by Max Malisan
  • 2nd Seaham Harbour at Dawn by Bill Pilkington
  • 3rd By The Seaside by Bill Pilkington


  • 1st Ann, Sheep Farmer by Nigel Plant
  • 2nd Happy Bunny by Nigel Plant
  • 3rd Harry Still Biking at 92 by Bill Pilkington


  • 1st A Small Congregation by Michael Houghton
  • 2nd Talacre Lighthouse From The Dunes by Barbara Lansdell

Annual Competition 2019

Prints judged by Peter Wells, ARPS CPAGB BPE3 AFIAP



Sport, Action and Photojournalism


Projected Digital Images judged by Andrew Rothery



Altered Reality

Annual Competition 2018

Prints judged by Allan Ogilvie

Prints – Open

Prints – Portrait

Prints – Nature


Projected images judged by Christine Hodgson

projected – Open

projected – Architecture

projected – Nature

Annual Competition 2017

Prints judged by Phil Hodson DPAGB EFIAP

Prints:    Open Category



Prints:    Travel Category


Prints:    Nature Category


Projected images judged by George Steele LRPS CPAGB BPE1*

Projected:    Open Category

Projected:    ‘Scapes Category

Projected:    Nature Category


Annual Competition 2016

Prints judged by Adrian Hendley, CPAGB. Projected images judged by Graeme Mitchell.

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Applied Projected Images

General Projected Images

General Prints

Missing image:
C Ladore Landing by Max Sunderland

Applied Prints

Missing images:
3rd Southwark cathedral Max Sunderland

Annual Competition 2015

Projected images were judged by Phil Hodson and prints were judged by Graham Currey.

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Applied Prints

Applied Projected Images

General Prints

General Projected Images

Annual Competition 2014


Projected Images – Applied

Projected Images – Applied

Prints – Applied

Prints – General