Projected Image (PDI) Entries

Image Size & Format

Each entry should be submitted as a ‘JPEG’ (jpg) file.

The image size you should submit will depend on the type of competition being entered:

  • Internal Club Competitions (Bimonthly, Annual etc.)

Images should be resized to be no greater than 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. They may be of other sizes (shapes) and may have a border of your choice within these limits. Images will be projected with a black surround if they are smaller than the maximum pixel dimensions.

  • Inter Club Competitions

Images should be resized to be no greater than 1600 pixels horizontally and 1200 pixels vertically.

  • YPU Competitions

Images should be resized to be no greater than 1600 pixels horizontally and 1200 pixels vertically.

The projector will be calibrated to the sRGB colour space so for best quality your images should be converted to the sRGB colour space.

File Naming (Internal competitions)

The file name of each entry should have an image number (1, 2, 3, etc), the title of the image followed by the full initials of the author (e.g. “1 Sunset at Oban JMN”). Please don’t put leading zeros (01, 02 etc) to avoid confusion in the annual competition.

In the annual competition where there are multiple categories please put a letter denoting the category before the image number.

  • A        Architecture
  • C        Creative
  • L        Local
  • N       Nature
  • OC     Open Colour
  • OM    Open Mono
  • P        Portrait
  • SC      SCapes
  • SP      SPort
  • T        Travel

e.g.    “OC1  Sunset at Oban  JMN”

Image Submission & Handling

Entries may be submitted on a USB memory stick or by e-mail attachment to    Make sure USB sticks are clearly labelled with the author’s name.  Please include the full titles of the images and their category (for entries into the annual competition).

When sending images by email it is your responsibility to ensure the email is titled so the competition secretary will know which competition the images are for (e.g “Round 4 entry”) and that the images are not down-scaled or re-titled by your email programme.

The competition secretary should respond to email entries to let the author know they have been received. If you don’t get this confirmation, it’s up to you to check to make sure the images have been successfully received.

Images will be retained by the competition secretary for exhibitions and external competitions unless the author has requested them to be deleted. Memory sticks will be returned to the author.

Awarded images will be displayed at reduced size on the club’s website (up to 800×800 pixels at present). Members may also request that images are added to their personal galleries on the club’s website.