Print Entries

Print & Mount Size

  • Print size is from 150mm x 100mm up to 500mm x 400mm.
  • Maximum mount size is 500mm x 400mm.
  • For the annual exhibition the mount must measure 500mmx400mm to fit within the club’s frames.
  • The maximum thickness of the mounted print should not exceed 4mm.


  • The print should be labelled on the reverse side with the title of the entry. The entrant’s name must not appear. The label should be positioned along the uppermost side when the print is viewed is its normal position. This is especially important when the correct orientation of the print is not obvious from the image!
  • In the annual competition where there are three categories, it is the entrant’s responsibility to additionally mark every entry with the appropriate category. Please see the annual competition page for details on the categories in this year’s competition. Please remember as of 2017 we are no longer using the old ‘Applied’ and ‘General’ categories.


  • Mounted prints should be sturdy and images firmly taped in place. Prints that fall apart may be disqualified in external competitions and your print may become damaged.