Narrative Competition

Last Wednesday was the club’s first ever Narrative competition. Up to 4 images per person could be submitted and shown together in their chosen layout to present a story or theme. Each member present gave some brief details of the story behind the photos, and at the end of the night voting slips were returned with 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices with counting taking place over the coffee/tea break.  24 people with entered with a very wide range of subjects recorded. In 3rd place was ‘Super, Blue, Blood Lunar Eclipse 30th January 2018’ with 16 points, In joint 2nd place was ‘Love on the Edge’ and ‘Fishing’ with 17 points,  but in joint 1st place with 19 points was  ‘Art Appreciation at the Met’ by Richard Gascoigne who recounted his observation of people going around the Met in New York and taking photos of the exhibits; and ‘Icy Formations’ by Ian Parker who recounted the many different ways that ice can form in places such as puddles, dripping peat hags and fast flowing burns.

Narrative RGNarrative IP

All the entries will be printed in a double page spread in a high quality booklet that will be sold to members for under £5. Contact Rory to order yours.

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