Hebden Bridge C.C vs Todmorden P.S 2016

Each year we hold a competition with Todmorden Photographic Society where we invite an external judge to come and score 10 prints and 10 projected images from each club. The author’s names and the club are not revealed to the judge to keep everything fair.

This year was our turn to host. We invited Geoff France from Holmfirth Camera Club to judge. On the night we had a good turn out of our own members and quite a few from Todmorden P.S. After a closely fought battle in the print section with us scoring 172 points to Todmorden’s 165, we pulled ahead decisively in the projected category with 181 points to their 168. In total we scored 353 points and Todmorden scored 333.


The following images scored 20:

  • Ladies at Neemrana Step Well, Rajasthan (Hebden Bridge)
  • Guardian Angel (Todmorden)
  • Nuthatch (Hebden Bridge)
  • Old Man of Amorgos (Hebden Bridge)
  • Zebra Trio (Hebden Bridge).

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