2015 Interclub

Report by Michael Newton

For those who have not attended one of these evenings the procedure is as follows. The group of 12 clubs are members by invitation and include some of the largest in West Yorkshire and each club submits 5 PDI’s, one to fit the Set Subject chosen by the host club, a second to match the Set Theme (which is from a rotating list of standard classes), and the other free with no restriction at all. The images are judged by a well known photographer, usually from well outside our area. On Saturday Peter Jones of Newark did the job and he had been told by the organisers that he should spread the marks as widely as possible. This resulted in some marks as low as 8/20! Our results were as follows:-

Set Subject (Night) – “M62 Dusk” by Simon Garvey 19
Set Theme (Candid) – “Nothing good about it!” by Max Sunderland 14
“St. Paul’s at Christmas” by Rory Prior 14
“Sycamore Keys” by Jim Strom 19
“Micro-Droplet on Passiflora” by Carley Stansfield 15

Our total of 81 put us in 6th place but this was a very good result – Leeds Photographic Society were way out in front but 4 clubs were joint 2nd with 83 marks meaning that we were well up with the leading clubs. There were some excellent images and we had an entertaining evening. It would be good to see more members supporting our entries for the 4th and final round of this season which is being hosted by Bradford Photographic Society on Saturday 18th April. The meeting starts at 7.30 and the venue is St. James’ Church Hall, Beaufort Grove, Bolton Road, BD2 4LH. If anyone wants to know more about this just ask myself, Philip or Maureen Dean, Margaret Beaumont, or John Akroyd – we have all enjoyed many Inter-Club evenings over the last few years.

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