Behinds the Scenes at the NMM

This June we were lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the archives at the National Media Museum (NMM) in Bradford. Curator of Photography, Colin Harding showed us around, explaining the museum’s collections and how it preserves them for future generations to enjoy. Colin explained that while only a tiny fraction of the collection is ever on display, the public can request to see specific items for research purposes (which can be a fairly broadly interpreted term). Even more of the museum’s collection is housed off site at various locations around the country, which gives an idea of its immense scale.

There has been controversy recently with the news that a large part of the collection is moving from the NMM to the V&A in London and with it the downscaling of photography as part of the museum’s remit. As such, this opportunity to explore the collection while it’s still all in one place has been particularly significant. Our thanks go to Colin and the Museum for giving our members this opportunity.