2021 Bi-monthly PDI competition

This year the bi-monthly competitions will be digital images only, split into 2 categories: colour and mono.

There are 5 rounds to be held. Round 1 was limited to 4 images in total with no restriction on the split between colour and mono. Rounds 2 to 5 are limited to 6 entries in total – no more than 4 in colour and no more than 4 in mono.

The total number of images from all 5 rounds that can be entered in each category is 11.

Of these 11, the best 8 scores will count towards the annual awards.

Example A: In round 1 person A entered 2 colour and 2 mono images. In the remaining 4 rounds they may enter up to 9 colour and 9 mono images. This could be 2+3+2+2=9 for colour and 3+0+3+3=9 for mono. There are many other possibilities to suit your circumstances…….